How to Select an E-Commerce Platform for Your Digital Store - The Best E-Commerce Platform Comparison

Selecting the right e-commerce platform for your digital store is important! Read this article and check the best e-commerce platform comparison and decide which platform is suitable for you!

  • Magento – The Magento Community is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce software for companies and businesses that have experienced web developers who help them manage their websites. Magento is scalable and robust and with a broad network of existing Extensions, you can build a Magento website in no time. Magento is an ideal platform for to-go businesses and for businesses with custom needs that look long term flexibility.
  • Zoey – Zoey is similar to Magento but offers a more user-friendly interface to control and manage your website designs. Even though there are is a restricted number of extensions and apps available for Zoey, they have been tested to work with their team. Zoey also hosts your website and takes care of the security updates, software upgrades, and other improvements.
  • Shopify and Shopify Plus – Shopify is the perfect platform for small businesses who look for a simple interface to develop their own website. The good thing is that Shopify continues to evolve and upgrade, includes more features, and etc. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, includes dedicated support and accumulates services from 3rd party solution providers. This platform hosts your site and doesn’t allow direct access to the database. In other words, while Shopify handles security issues, upgrades, and other needs, the data may be harder to manipulate with and to customize the Shopify site according to your needs. If want to have great quality pictures, they also offer free stock photos that you can use for your e-commerce!
  • WordPress + WooCommerce – Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress which is one of the most popular CMS or Content Management System available. Even though Woo is considered to be a lighter e-commerce platform it is expected to evolve. Woo is ideal for businesses that want to leverage the content management and flexibility benefits of WordPress. A lot of enterprise hosts will advise you that it may not perform great for the big businesses just yet.
  • Prestashop – This platform is headquartered in France and has an incredible following in Europe. It is an open source software that allows you to host, install, maintain, and upgrade. Even though the software is free, this platform does make their own design and development team accessible to sellers through special paid support plans. Prestashop also sells their own Themes and Modules and offerings that other developers and designers have created.
  • Volusion – This platform provides a hosted solution. Even though they are not known as search engine friendly, their team is working on some great updates and upgrades for 2017. Volusion has an Enterprise version known as Mozu which was sold to Kibo.

We hope this article is helpful to you and that you can decide which platform is best to use!


The Best E-Commerce Platform

Read this article and check the best e-commerce platform comparison and decide which platform is suitable for you!

Whether you are an established business company or a startup, choosing and e-commerce platform to launch your digital store is a pretty big deal. It is important to develop your shop on the right platform as you will be investing money and time into your shop and migrating or rebuilding is simply not an option as it can be a significant cost. Most of the businesses concentrate on an e-commerce platform that will last them for about 3-4 years, considering the fact that the individual business and technology always evolve. After a few years, it is recommendable to search for new options.

In this article, we are going to present you the best e-commerce platform comparison so you can decide which platform suits you the most.


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